With so much news in the digital marketing community, it's tough to keep up. We've got our picks for the stories of the week, so you'll always stay up-to-date.  

LinkedIn Company Pages for Search, Social & Reputation Management

LinkedIn isn't just for job seekers anymore! Hear from Alison Zeringue how to make the most out of your company LinkedIn page.   

Google Working on a Softer & Gentler Panda Algorithm to Help Support Small Businesses

Google's head of search Matt Cutts announced at SMX that his company is in the process of developing a small business-centric panda algorithm.  

Visual vs. Textual Marketing - Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Have you chosen the right social media strategy for your brand? Check out this advice from Jim Yu on whether you should leverage visual or textual marketing.   

How Personalizing Websites with Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

New content isn't the only way to drive engagement. Create dynamic experiences on-site with these tips from Judge Graham.  

Five Steps to an Integrated Approach to SEO-Friendly Content Marketing

Make your content easy to find by including SEO in every step. Here are Jim Yu's five tips to an integrated approach to SEO-friendly content marketing. 

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