Top 10 Reasons Why I Love BrightEdge

I have worked in the Silicon Valley for the past 8 years and I can honestly tell you that coming to work at BrightEdge has been my best career move ever.  To convey what I think about the company, I am going to borrow a format from David Letterman (since I happen to be a late-night TV junkie) – here are the top 10 reasons why I love BrightEdge.


10. The Maserati Of Espresso Machines

At BrightEdge, we take our coffee seriously. Great coffee matters, especially in a fast-paced environment like ours. That’s why we have invited into the BrightEdge family the classic Gaggia Accademia below. Since the day it joined us, the Accademia has filled our life with lots of fine caffeine and an immeasurable amount of joy!


BrightEdge Gaggia Accademia


9. BrightEdge’rs Are Intelligent And Driven

In my career, I have had the privilege of working and/or interacting with large technology corporations, startups and stellar non-profits.  The BrightEdge team is one of the most intellectually gifted teams that I have worked with. Each member of the BrightEdge team understands the role they play in making the company a success.  We focus on what is important and work hard to do our best.


Getting Stuff Done @ BrightEdge


8. There Are No Politics At BrightEdge

I have seen politics turn a fast growing company into an organization more dysfunctional than our House of Representatives.  At BrightEdge, however, there are no egos to bruise.  When something needs to be fixed, we put our heads together with that goal in mind, sharing our opinions openly and honestly.


7. BrightEdge Works Hard And Plays Hard

BrightEdge understands the importance of taking a break.  There are weekly company-organized lunches, team picnics, a bicycling team, and even a basketball mini league.  As if that were not enough, a group of us get together and go to music festivals and live shows while some of us wine-snobs have our own wine-tasting group.


Bright Beer Bust


Fun Times @ BrightEdge


6. BrightEdge Has Happy Customers

It makes me proud to be associated with a company that has a huge business impact.  I spend a lot of time talking to customers to understand how they use BrightEdge and uncover best practices. I am amazed at the amount of love they profess for our company and technology. The common thread across customers is how BrightEdge helps them get more out of their SEO and helps them grow.


5. BrightEdge Offers Flexibility

Because our company is growing so quickly, there is plenty of work to do and this presents a lot of opportunities to pursue our career interests.  I started with a traditional Product Marketing role involving content generation, sales enablement, customer case studies and new release marketing. I also dabbled with PPC campaigns before settling into my current role – managing our blog, social media activity, content generation for PR and anything else that interests me!


4. BrightEdge Encourages Skill Development

With so many opportunities available within the company, I have been able to develop my skills even further.


3. BrightEdge Looks Great On A Resume

Nothing looks better on your resume than a company that is well known for its superb products and services.  Since my arrival at BrightEdge, I have been able to add to my resume with additional skills, achievements, experience working with Fortune 500 brands, solid responsibility, and successful business results.


2. BrightEdge Represents Great Personal Opportunity

BrightEdge is growing fast, real fast. We have 2000+ brand customers and we doubled headcount in 2011. Working for a company with a vertical growth trajectory represents an unlimited upside in terms of growth and financial stability.


1. BrightEdge Dominates The Market

BrightEdge currently dominates the SEO market and is key part of the digital marketing strategies of most of the Top 10 brands in every industry. We work closely with the pioneers in marketing including Facebook, Twitter and Adobe. It sure is very satisfying to contribute to a well-oiled machine that pretty much owns the SEO market!