Our 4 Favorite BrightEdge Posts on Search and Social in 2014

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The head of a new year is a great time for reflection, and we wanted to gather our favorite posts written in 2014 on how social media and SEO work together to enhance digital marketing strategies.

Our four favorite search and social posts from 2014 tackle everything from the buy-in stage to measurement, and we hope you enjoy the insights and utilize the best practice tips to carry you into 2015!

  1. How Social Media and SEO Influence One Another

If you’re curious about how social signals factor into search engines and their search results, check out this primer on social and SEO by BrightEdge’s Mark Mitchell for the BrightEdge blog. In it, he touches on how the major engines like Bing and Google view social media marketing.

Socials Increasing Role

  1. Selling “Search and Social” to Your CEO

Getting buy-in from the C-Suite is not always easy. Often, you have to be able to show how social media and SEO can impact real business outcomes in order to get the budget you need. In this post for Marketing Land by BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu, he explores ways that marketers can show the value required to obtain the resources they need.

Selling Search and Social

  1. Tracking Social Media Efforts

There are a lot of ways you can track metrics once your social media program is up and running, and in this post by Jim Yu for Marketing Land, he discusses the difference between vanity metrics and business metrics in social media marketing (learn more about social media metrics).

Tracking Social Media

  1. Creative Ways to Use Social Media Marketing and SEO Together

Social media allows us to engage with our target audience in real time, and many brands are taking advantage of this with leading-edge marketing strategies that are proving to show big wins. Find out how brands are using real-time marketing to reach their audience in this article by Jim Yu for Marketing Land, which also notes how the company Tiny Prints leveraged SEO and social together.

In closing, search engine marketing along with social media can offer a one-two punch that you simply can’t achieve by focusing on one channel alone. Take some time to plan how you will combine search and social elements in the coming year, even if you’re just starting small.

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