BrightIdeas Webinar: Generate an 87% Increase in Revenue with a Content Calendar that Drives SEO

Join us on Apr. 6 at 10am PST / 1pm EST for a webinar on how to create a content calendar that propels you towards your marketing goals.

Most modern marketers recognize that SEO and content are fundamentally intertwined. Despite that recognition, many marketing teams still develop their content strategy in a silo separate from SEO strategy. When SEO and content are planned in conjunction with each other, however, the effect on all marketing channels can be dramatic.

BrightEdge has teamed up with LaneTerralever for a webinar that breaks down how to create a content calendar that integrates your SEO and content into a cohesive network with the rest of your marketing channels.

In this one-hour webinar we’ll show you how to do the following:

  • How to get internal buy-in and build advocates
  • How to create personalized messages that ladder up to unified brand message
  • Getting your shared, earned, owned, and paid media unified
  • Identify content that can be repurposed or created for multi-channel distribution (could be used for PR, presentations, sponsorships, and print)

Register for this webinar now by clicking below

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