BrightEdge Weekly Search Recap – 9/9

This week’s search recap was all about social, social, social. From Twitter partnerships to social signals effects on search to holiday gift searching it seems that search is adapting to people’s increasingly connected social networks. Read on for more…

data cake

1. 10 Ugly SEO Tools that Actually Rock

SEO is easy. Graphic Design is hard.

2. Twitter Renews Deal With Bing; Google Deal Remains MIA

Twitter and Bing announced that they have extended their deal that allows Bing to tap into Twitter’s information in a cutesy exchange on Twitter itself. As for Google, which Twitter’s been on the outs with since July, Twitter says there’s no similar happy news to report.

3. Google’s Groupon Competitor Now in Five New Cities

Google Offers, which is challenging the likes of Groupon, is expanding into five new markets, in contrast to the recent move by Facebook to shut down its Deals business after only four months. Google is now operating the business in eight markets. Being added today: Austin, Boston, Washington, D.C., Denver and Seattle. Offers can be received by subscribing to a daily email or by viewing them on the Google Shopper app for Android.

4. Twitter Grows as Traffic Source

A tweet button on a website can drive seven times more link mentions, along with the referral traffic that can accompany those mentions, according to research released by BrightEdge, an SEO marketing platform. The research analyzed 4 million randomly selected tweets to track how users share and interact with social buttons and links.

5. The 5 Keys to Conversion Rate Optimization

While search engine marketers are frequently vulnerable to obsession with data points, such as unique visits and rankings, the success of any SEM program will ultimately be judged by bottom-line revenue.

6. Why “Second Chance” Tweets Matter: After 3 Hours, Few Care About Socially Shared Links

There have been various studies suggesting that if someone doesn’t see a tweet or a Facebook post within a few hours, they’ll never see it at all. Now link shortening service is out with another. After three hours, has found, links have sent about all the traffic they’re going to send. So start thinking about doing “second chance” tweets, as I call them.


7. Yandex Rolls Out Infinite Scrolling as ‘10 More Answers’

Russian search engine Yandex has changed the 10 blue links experience for its users. Starting Monday, unveiled a new experience, with a new twist on the infinite scrolling concept.


8. Do Social Signals Drive Traffic?


So, I set out to do an informal correlation study, looking at how Tweets, Likes, +1, and our own internal social metrics – Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down – impact Unique Pageviews (UPVs) over two sets of data. The first set is the Top 50 posts (by UPVs) for the first half of 2011. The second set is all main-blog posts after the launch of Google+.

9. Ad Smart: Mobile Searches Rise During Holidays

Google predicts consumers will conduct 15% of Black Friday Web searches on mobile devices this year. The research suggests that 65% of consumers will use their mobile device to look for a business to make in-store purchases.

10. How to Find Link-Worthy Data

You might be a little tired of hearing ‘content is king’.  And it’s increasingly difficult to make content stand out online.  But a few sites are leading the way with their innovative use of data.  There’s the Guardian Datablog, Information is Beautiful and the ubiquitous OK Trends to name but a few.