BrightEdge Weekly Search Recap – 10/7

This week’s news was all about the search industry: how the Google Panda update will affect your rank, tips for capturing broken links and the role of social media for major companies. Read on for more…

1. The Best SEO, Social + Content Strategy: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your company recognized as a leader in your space.

2. How To Capture Broken Inbound Links

Link building is valuable for SEO, and thus is a worthwhile exercise in which webmasters and SEOs should invest their time. By keeping tabs on your site’s broken links report, you can identify opportunities to reel in that lost traffic by setting up 301 redirects.

3.  Demystifying Facebook’s “People Are Talking About This Metric”

Earlier this week Facebook announced features and functionality geared towards pages and ads.  One of the newest metrics released is the “people are talking about this” for pages.  The goal of this number is to track conversations happening around specific pages.

4. Top 5 Most Unoriginal Internet Marketing Trends

When trying to effectively reach your target audience it is important to remember keys to good marketing, such as being overly self-promotional or taking too many shortcuts.

5. Latest Google Panda Update Favors Video, Big Brands, Google Properties

Will Google’s latest Panda update get the attention of the antitrust investigators given the boost it gave their own properties? It is obvious certain big brands, including Google properties were the big winners and some of Google’s competitors took a hit.

6. The Clickthrough Rate Equation In Organic Search

In the equation, C is the number of conversions, N(k) is the number of people searching for a keyword (or a group of keywords), f(I) is the fraction of searches where one or more links from your site show up (also called an impression), f(CTR) is the clickthrough rate from the search engine results, and f(conv) is the fraction of people who convert after clicking through. When trying to maximize traffic marketing professional must take all these components into account.

7. Social Media is Serious Business for Leading Companies [Study]

Booz & Company and Buddy Media, shows that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are now considered cornerstones of most social media strategies in larger companies. Ninety-four percent of respondents said Facebook is one of their top three social media platform priorities. Twitter was second with 77 percent, and YouTube trailed with 42 percent, though this is sure to rise as online and mobile video continues to grow in popularity and importance. Today, over 90 percent of companies measure engagement and participation to help gauge the success of their campaigns

8. Google Analytics Real Time Reports: Web Traffic Right Now

Google Analytics Real Time will show the number of people coming to a site for every minute, and the number of visitors actively on the site at that moment. It enables monitoring the sources sending traffic to the website, the pages being viewed, the GEO location of visitors, and the keywords that brought the visitors (if from search, paid or organic).

9. Keyword Research: Dealing With Uncertainty

When selecting the keywords you would like to rank for, you must take several factors into account. Preferably you’re able to calculate its potential ROI by finding out what effort is required for a return in profit. There are, however, various uncertainties that you can choose to minimize.

10. How is the Google Panda update affecting you?

In Google’s quest to eliminate traffic of people who are bending the rules and copying information we were hit and many others alike. Google has been saying for years that original content is king, last week they took action against our site and many others. If you are a site that is copying info, changing it up a bit and then re-posting it you may as well stop it, you will be negatively affected.