Make sure you're always up to date on your marketing news! Here are our picks for the stories of the week.  

Creating Content For Your Users That Will Also Get You Links

It's not always easy to predict the kind of content that will resonate best with your users. Get tips from Julie Joyce on how to figure out what your audience is looking for.  

Is Chasing AuthorRank a Waste of Time for SEOs?

With Google's recent authorship announcement, marketers are scrambling to adjust their strategies accordingly. But is it really worth it? Find out from Eric Enge.  

Building Relationships (and Links) from Natural Content

Simon Penson recommends taking advantage of natural web mentions and trending content opportunities to foster relationships. Hear more of his inside tips.   

Study: 60 Percent of Adults Switch Screens During the Day

According to research by Facebook, 60% of adults switch between devices during the day. Make sure you're taking advantage of this huge marketing opportunity!  

Attention Small Business Owners: SEO Demands Your Attention

Don't be discouraged by competing with big businesses. Hear what Adam Stetzer has to say about the important role small businesses have in the SEO ecosystem.  

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