With all that's going on in the search and digital marketing industry, it's tough to stay caught up. Read on for our weekend SEO update on the biggest headlines this week.  

Infographic: The Blogging Food Groups & Do You Serve Well-Balanced Content Meals?

MarketingLand Infographics Having a healthy blog started with a balanced content strategy. Check out this infographic from LinkedIn (complete with a marketing food period) for ideas on getting your blog back in shape.  

Why Content Marketers are Now in the Entertainment Business

Matt Jessell  What do content marketing and entertainment have in common? Believe it or not, quite a bit! Find out why marketers should channel their inner-entertainer when building content and executing strategy.  

Going Beyond Facebook Paid Posts to Reach Customers

For his final "Ask the Expert" column in Entrepreneur, Jim Yu discusses how small businesses can reach customers without breaking the bank. Here are Jim's four tips for using social media and SEO in small business marketing.  

Mobile Devices: 30 Percent of Traffic, 15 Percent of Sales

Check out this newly released data from ShopVisible on mobile traffic and sales. How will your brand take advantage of this move toward mobile?  

The Secret to Staying Relevant with Authorship

With Google's authorship update, content and authority are becoming more and more integrated. Hear from BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu for his tips on how to stay relevant with authorship.  

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