Hope you all had a long, enjoyable three-day weekend! While you were busy relaxing, the marketing world was still keeping pace with industry changes and news. Here's our weekly recap on the biggest headlines this week.  

Boost Your Social Strategy with SEO Data

Steve Olenski With all that SEO data your company works so hard to produce, why not use it for something new? Hear how Steve Olenski recommends turning your SEO data into fuel for the social fire.  

The Secret of Standout Content: A Daring Point of View

Jim Yu We've all heard the hype around the content movement. But with all that talk, how can you actually get your content to stand out among the crowd? Jim Yu offers three tips to getting your content noticed by your target audience.  

How to Use Ads Scripts Efficiently in Agencies and Enterprise SEM

Check out these tips from former Google employee and industry expert Frederick Vallaeys on making Scripts more efficient when managing multiple, large-scale AdWords accounts.  

4 Critical Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Team

The only thing that could be more important than the content you produce? The team producing it! Here are the four necessary elements of a cohesive and innovative content marketing team.  

Google Analytics Now Showing Up on Google+ Page Dashboard

Don't miss this new feature of Google+! With all this information on page, it will be easy to monitor monthly metrics and track growth.  

Facebook Gives Advertisers More Targeting Options

Facebook has unveiled some changes to the way it's running its advertising program. Check out Jennifer Slegg's recommendations for taking advantage of this new marketing option.

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