5 Steps to Content Mapping for Organic Success

BrightEdge: The complete solution for Content Mapping

5 Steps to Content Mapping Success

Creating a website content map is the process of mapping four things:

  1. Keyword queries
  2. Landing pages
  3. The interior content for those pages
  4. Delivering the right content at the right time to advance the customer journey. BrightEdge provides deep analytical insight at each of these mapping stages that enables the most accurate and effective decision making. In the 5 key mapping steps described below, BrightEdge delivers significant technology and capability to capture and convert on traffic opportunities.

1) Explore relevant topical categories, identify keywords

Use the BrightEdge Data Cube to understand your current coverage of:

  • High-volume keywords
  • Striking-distance keywords
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Competitor keywords and
  • Run gap analysis to identify most attractive opportunities

The BrightEdge Data Cube is the first and only platform resource that puts billions of keywords, urls and rank at the users’ fingertips.

Data Cube Content Mapping

2) Map out focused pages with high relevance and topical value

Use BrightEdge Page Reporting to understand page rank and map keyword rank and organic traffic to understand the traffic provided by keywords. BrightEdge allows you to map each keyword to a preferred landing page on your site. Through its web-wide crawl of SERPs for nearly all keywords in all regions, only BrightEdge can re-map multiple keywords and calculate the traffic those keyword contribute based on their rank position to specific pages to restore the visibility lost by not provided and secure search.

Page Reporting Awareness Phase

3) Create focused content to populate those pages

Develop text, images, videos, local information. Map the position of the universal rank of the content assets with BrightEdge Blended Rank.

Universal Rank and BrightEdge Blend Rank

4) Optimize the pages

Check the page load time, the navigability, meta tags, internal links anchor text and more. Map out your on-page performance with Site Audit and Recommendations to make sure all your bases are covered.

Site Audit and Recommendations

5) Promote the pages

Map out your social distribution success with BrightEdge Recommendations Social Signals, which allows you to map your social strength against those competing pages in the top 10 positions. Develop and track your backlinks with BrightEdge Backlinks reports. And because BrightEdge is integrated with all the major analytics packages, you can understand traffic, leads, conversion and revenue all in an integrated view.

BrightEdge Recommendations Social Signals

Mapping from keyword to pages to the conversion tells the marketer the whole story of the prospect’s journey to customer and helps maximize organic traffic success.

How to achieve ultimate ROI with SEO management and mapping content?