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  3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

Jim Yu

The digital world has its pros and cons. On one hand, marketers can interact with consumers en masse at any time from any location, with the hope of cultivating brand loyalty and boosting the bottom line. On the other hand, the deluge of information can be overwhelming and downright irritating for consumers -- Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr alone produce 715,856 pieces of content per minute, according to Domo. Breaking through the noise and establishing a brand voice worth listening to requires a content approach that centers on relevancy, thoughtfulness and integrity. CONTINUE READING

The New Year & The New CMO: 3 Key Predictions For 2015
Jim Yu | December 16, 2014
Chief marketing officers have no doubt earned their ranks, and they have a big job to do for their brands. Not only must they bring their skills and experience to 2015, they must also be ready and willing to embrace change in order to stay a step ahead of the competition. In this post, I’ll share three predictions that CMOs should prepare for in the coming year
Calling All Travel Companies: Don't Let Consumers Get Away This Holiday Season
Jim Yu | December 16, 2014
The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes big implications for marketers in the business of travel. According to AAA, last year 94.5 million Americans traveled 50+ miles from home during the year-end holiday season -- and this year is expected to be no different. These numbers don't just represent miles on the odometer -- they're a wake up call for Travel and Hospitality marketers. The holiday rush is an enormous opportunity for you to engage consumers, drive sales and deliver serious business results.
What Resolutions Should Marketers Make For 2015?
Giselle Abramovich | December 05, 2014
The end of the year is a natural time to reflect on what happened during the previous 12 months. For marketers in 2014, that reflection includes the rise of programmatic. A bigger commitment, industrywide, to collecting, disseminating, and acting on data. Digital transformation. The CMO's more-recognized role in the C-suite. We could go on. This is also a time to identify bad habits to break in the upcoming year. Losing weight or quitting smoking aside, asked for input from more than two dozen marketing professionals about the bad habits marketers need to resolve to break in 2015. Are you guilty of any of these?
In the Digital Enterprise Everyone Needs to Think SEO
Tom Kaneshige | December 04, 2014
Since the dawn of the Web when Google first learned to crawl, search engine optimization has been a key to Internet success, but today it's more important that ever. The Home Depot’s SEO manager talks about how SEO now ‘stretches through everything.’ The online world has spawned a virtual content creation and aggregation boom. Digital marketers flood online channels with YouTube how-to videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, Facebook posts, Web pages, graphics, blogs and more. In turn, consumers rely on Google search to help them sift through the rubble and find nuggets of useful information.
Study: Mobile Will Have a "Huge" Holiday Season
Andrew Corselli | November 26, 2014
Mobile commerce sales are expected to nearly double this year, according to new data from BrightEdge. The SEO platform provider analyzed data from hundreds of retail brands, including the top 10 retail companies, and deduced that mobile is set to have a huge holiday season this year.
The 2015 B2B CMO Challenge: Measuring Content Performance
Jim Yu | November 18, 2014
If this is the year of content marketing, then we're fast approaching the year of content performance. Columnist Jim Yu discusses how CMOs can prepare. As we head into the new year, there’s no doubt that CMOs “get” just how important content is to their business, but many are still challenged with how to measure and report on its performance across the board. Let’s take a close look at where we’re at now in terms of content as an initiative and where we need to be in 2015 to elevate our marketing to content performance.
Easy Wins for Your Website
Scott Julewitz | November 13, 2014
When developing a keyword strategy for a website it’s easy to look at basic keyword research (search volume, competition and trends) and stop there. Unfortunately, when you just look at these basic factors, a lot of opportunity is missed. One great insight that is often overlooked is current site rankings. I’m not referring to traditional ranking tools where you input your keywords and it tells you where you rank. I am referring to more advanced tools such as Data Cube, which is a part of BrightEdge. In Data Cube all you need to do is input a URL and it will return every keyword the site ranks for, including search volume and the specific landing page. After you have your export you should also layer in competition from the Google keyword planner tool. This is a great way to uncover low hanging fruit you may be ranking on and didn’t even know.
7 Marketing Technologies Every Company Must Use
Louis Gudema | November 03, 2014
With over 1,000 companies trying to sell some type of marketing technology in over 40 categories, it’s not surprising that the most common word that marketers use to describe themselves is “overwhelmed.” Indeed, according to my research into 351 mid-market B2B companies, except for companies in software, the adoption rate of marketing technology is very low: companies in other industries are using a median of just 2 out of 9 major marketing technology programs that I identified. This is a wasted opportunity. Many marketers have reported rapid and significant ROI from adopting these tools; but first, they had to convince higher-ups to make the up-front investment. So, in the interest of helping clear that path, I am suggesting a Marketing Technology Starter Kit: the seven programs that every company’s marketing team should have access to, at a minimum, to grow leads, opportunities, and revenue.
Hey enterprise software startups: Ignore the mobile web at your peril
Jim Yu | October 31, 2014
The mobile web plays a critical role in how users find your company, learn about your products and decide whether to become paying customers. It’s no secret that today’s enterprise software entrepreneurs must start out mobile, before later dealing with the desktop. And while it’s always preferable to access a product via a company-specific app, that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should ignore the mobile web. The mobile web may account for just 14% of consumers’ time spent on mobile devices, but that time is mostly consumed by pointed, purposeful searches for specific information. One-third of organic web searches now originate from mobile devices, and that number will soon pass 50%, according to several studies.
The Holidays Are Here: Get Fourth Quarter Content Ready
Jim Yu | October 28, 2014
By now -- thanks to Starbucks' widely favorited Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Christmas decorations already on sale -- the holidays are clearly upon us. As families buy gifts, finalize travel arrangements and plan festivities, one thing is for sure: there's never a better time than the holidays to be a marketer. Take it from Netflix, Target and more, whose marketing efforts fueled millions of dollars in profits: the holidays are a goldmine for engaging audiences, forging new connections and driving revenue. In 2012, almost 130 million consumers shopped online to take advantage of Cyber Monday's deals and steals. In 2013 alone, 49 percent of holiday marketing campaigns were created and launched before Halloween -- and in 2012, 20 percent of marketing budgets was attributed to these holiday campaigns, proving that companies are willing to spend big to see traction during this important time of year.