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  3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

Jim Yu

The digital world has its pros and cons. On one hand, marketers can interact with consumers en masse at any time from any location, with the hope of cultivating brand loyalty and boosting the bottom line. On the other hand, the deluge of information can be overwhelming and downright irritating for consumers -- Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr alone produce 715,856 pieces of content per minute, according to Domo. Breaking through the noise and establishing a brand voice worth listening to requires a content approach that centers on relevancy, thoughtfulness and integrity. CONTINUE READING

3 Ways To Boost Content Performance And Win The Battle For Attention
Jung Suh | March 27, 2015
Companies are now publishers, no longer dependent on major networks to get their stories out. But competition is fierce– more than five exabytes of content is created and 27 million pieces shared every day. So how do you win the battle for attention? An obvious answer is to create more and more content, to “outshout” the competition. But in my view, that’s fighting the wrong war. In fact, it’s taking mass media thinking from the past and shoehorning it into the digital world. Today, winning requires more than sheer fire power.
Optimization On The Content Battleground: Human + Machine Learning
Jim Yu | March 24, 2015
When it comes to search engine optimization, only one website can win the battle for top spot. Columnist Jim Yu argues that winning this battle means relying on machine learning to analyze and interpret data. Search engine optimization represents a battle for content visibility – one brand’s loss is another’s gain. Among the obstacles that stand in the way of claiming a larger share of search visibility, I would argue that the main ones have to do with the quality of data marketers are relying on right now.
Landing Page Conversion: Organic & Content Optimization
Jim Yu | March 17, 2015
As a content and search marketing professional, driving targeted traffic through your content is one of the first goals in your strategy. Some marketers could stop there knowing they’ve done a good job, but as the C-suite is becoming more interested in how the organic search channel is contributing to conversions (and not just any conversions, but revenue), many marketers have a heightened interest in how to convert that traffic.
The Content Battleground: Performance Above The Noise
Jim Yu | March 10, 2015
In the battleground that is online content, brands compete for attention. This has paved the way for countless marketing technology providers to emerge on the scene that attempt to increase our share of that attention. Unfortunately, the majority of technology providers focus heavily on the creation, automation and distribution of content and little on the measurement and performance of content. Knowing how our content is performing can help inform our digital marketing strategies for maximum impact.
Why good isn't good enough for mobile
Jim Yu | March 02, 2015
Within the last year, the integration of mobile into our daily lives expanded in a huge way. In fact, the Pew Internet Project found that nearly a third of all smartphone owners describe their phone as "something they can't imagine living without." So far in 2015, we've gotten a glimpse at just how ubiquitous mobile connectivity will become -- this year's Consumer Electronics Show showcased everything from connected watches to smart t-shirts. For marketers, the continuing mobile revolution presents a wealth of opportunities to engage with consumers. However, it also brings with it a set of challenges: We all know high-performance mobile content is important, but creating the best mobile experience while keeping up with such a fast-evolving ecosystem is difficult.
Wearables to Heighten Demand for Local Search: Prepare Now!
Emily Alford | February 25, 2015
As the Apple Watch’s April debut looms, many advertisers are beginning to question whether the tiny screens attached to wearables will really prove all that useful for reaching consumers. But marketers can make the Apple Watch, as well as other wearable devices, relevant for local search if they make the right moves to maximize potential. And now is the time to do it. Mobile devices have already created an expectation of immediate, accurate local search results. The rise of wearables will most likely only heighten the demand for quick local search, according to Jim Yu, founder and chief executive (CEO) of BrightEdge, a leading enterprise SEO platform.
Optimizing For The Google Quick Answers Box
Jim Yu | February 24, 2015
Google has made a lot of strides with the Quick Answer box over the past few years, and these developments have evoked mixed reactions from SEOs who see both the challenges and opportunities therein. The challenge is, if a searcher can find the answer right in the search results, why would they click through to your site? The opportunity, however, is that if your site’s content is featured in the answer box with a link back to your site, you have prominent visibility. In fact, the latest news in the quick answers dialogue is that Google is showing action-oriented links – basically calls-to-action – for certain queries in their answers box.
Analytics as the Source of Truth – The Power of Data Integration
Jim Yu | February 17, 2015
We’ve all got a big job to do when it comes to our discipline in digital marketing – whether it’s SEO, paid search, social media, or being on a team that does it all. Do you measure your marketing? Do you feel confident in the metrics you’re tracking? Let’s face it: marketers struggle with and businesses don’t fully have a handle on their Web analytics most of the time. Like most disciplines within Web marketing, analytics is a standalone skill set developed over time.
BrightEdge Integrates Content Performance Tool With Adobe
Brian Anderson | February 16, 2015
BrightEdge, a content performance marketing platform provider, announced the launch of Content Optimizer 3.0, a tool designed to provide marketers with insights into competitors’ content. Content Optimizer 3.0 integrates with Adobe Experience Manager, intended to help users tap into web-wide competitor content data, and apply that data to be prepare a more strategic content creation initiative.
Why The Quality Of Your Data Is Crucial For Content Marketing In 2015
Jim Yu | February 11, 2015
Do you know what content your target audience wants to read — and where they want to read it? If the answer is no, you’re not obtaining enough of the right kind of data. Faced with loads of data, the modern marketer simply does not have time to sift through it all — the hundreds of potential metrics, the trends in content, and the changes to search algorithms — in order to stitch together a story that illustrates what their brand’s audience really needs. The key is obtaining the right data without putting in exorbitant amount of time to do so. Let’s examine this issue a bit more closely.