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  3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

Jim Yu

The digital world has its pros and cons. On one hand, marketers can interact with consumers en masse at any time from any location, with the hope of cultivating brand loyalty and boosting the bottom line. On the other hand, the deluge of information can be overwhelming and downright irritating for consumers -- Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr alone produce 715,856 pieces of content per minute, according to Domo. Breaking through the noise and establishing a brand voice worth listening to requires a content approach that centers on relevancy, thoughtfulness and integrity. CONTINUE READING

5 Essential SEO Techniques To Master In 2015
Jim Yu | January 27, 2015
Each year, SEO evolves to become a more sophisticated discipline. As marketers refine their skills sets, as search engines improve their search products, and as brands across industries continue to see the impact that organic search can have on their growth, search engine optimization has come from humble beginnings to become a recognized strategic field of marketing.
6 Degrees of SEO Separation – From Data to Content Performance
Jim Yu | January 22, 2015
Something significant has been happening in the world of SEO for some years. Most of us are aware of the shift, even if we’re not able to quite put it in words. As the SEO discipline grows, the borders and gaps between other disciplines grow smaller. In fact, if we were to look at SEO in terms of the "six degrees of separation" (for example, how far away SEO is from another marketing discipline) we’d likely find that it’s very closely tied with each and every marketing and business goal in some way.
What Tech Companies Can Learn From ‘The Dark Knight’
Jim Yu | January 13, 2015
We all know the story of Batman, fondly nicknamed “The Dark Knight” and “The Caped Crusader.” I grew up watching his character morph and evolve, from the original comics to Tim Burton’s 1980s adaptation and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. But with every change, one thing has remained the same: Batman’s devout fan-base and cinematic success. Thinking about Silicon Valley, I’ve come to realize that the tech industry and Batman have a lot in common. Think about it: with every changing decade, each Batman adaptation followed suit, addressing the interest, demand and audience of the time. In the overcrowded and overfunded tech industry, the one thing that sets companies apart is constant, rigorous innovation.
Mobile Commerce Daily’s Mobile Commerce Outlook 2015
Staff | January 02, 2015
Mobile’s rapid integration within the overall retail shopping experience is resulting in both incremental and additional sales for smart retailers and financial services firms. Without a doubt, mobile is enabling on-device and in-store retail sales to propel, making it the fastest-growing offering in the retail landscape.
The Year in Stats - SEO, Content, and Data Analytics
Jim Yu | December 23, 2014
Create quality content, optimize for search engines, track in analytics, repeat. Sound familiar? We know that each of these activities is crucial for organic search success, and it’s well documented. So if you’re planning SEO in 2015, take this big list of stats and research to your team and show them it’s time to get serious about these key marketing activities.
What Content Marketers Can Learn from Santa Claus
Jim Yu | December 23, 2014
There are more than 2 billion children on this planet. For North Pole dwellers both tall and short, this means one thing: filling every stocking is a tall task to accomplish in one night. According to some basic math, Santa Claus himself would have to visit more than 132 million homes on Christmas Eve, crossing 24 time zones and 135 million land miles to deliver toys to every child. Beyond figuring out how to make room for milk and cookies at every house, there’s one major hurdle big enough to puzzle St. Nick: How does he know exactly what every child wants?
The New Year & The New CMO: 3 Key Predictions For 2015
Jim Yu | December 16, 2014
Chief marketing officers have no doubt earned their ranks, and they have a big job to do for their brands. Not only must they bring their skills and experience to 2015, they must also be ready and willing to embrace change in order to stay a step ahead of the competition. In this post, I’ll share three predictions that CMOs should prepare for in the coming year
Calling All Travel Companies: Don't Let Consumers Get Away This Holiday Season
Jim Yu | December 16, 2014
The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes big implications for marketers in the business of travel. According to AAA, last year 94.5 million Americans traveled 50+ miles from home during the year-end holiday season -- and this year is expected to be no different. These numbers don't just represent miles on the odometer -- they're a wake up call for Travel and Hospitality marketers. The holiday rush is an enormous opportunity for you to engage consumers, drive sales and deliver serious business results.
What Resolutions Should Marketers Make For 2015?
Giselle Abramovich | December 05, 2014
The end of the year is a natural time to reflect on what happened during the previous 12 months. For marketers in 2014, that reflection includes the rise of programmatic. A bigger commitment, industrywide, to collecting, disseminating, and acting on data. Digital transformation. The CMO's more-recognized role in the C-suite. We could go on. This is also a time to identify bad habits to break in the upcoming year. Losing weight or quitting smoking aside, asked for input from more than two dozen marketing professionals about the bad habits marketers need to resolve to break in 2015. Are you guilty of any of these?
In the Digital Enterprise Everyone Needs to Think SEO
Tom Kaneshige | December 04, 2014
Since the dawn of the Web when Google first learned to crawl, search engine optimization has been a key to Internet success, but today it's more important that ever. The Home Depot’s SEO manager talks about how SEO now ‘stretches through everything.’ The online world has spawned a virtual content creation and aggregation boom. Digital marketers flood online channels with YouTube how-to videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, Facebook posts, Web pages, graphics, blogs and more. In turn, consumers rely on Google search to help them sift through the rubble and find nuggets of useful information.