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BrightEdge Customer Column: Adventures in Social Networking

David Tedder, content expert and Hollywood pro, walks us through practical steps to get started & succeeding in the ever-changing social networking landscape.

BrightEdge SocialShare July 2012 report - 54% rise in Google+ followers

BrightEdge SocialShare July 2012 – Google+ Adoption Still Rising But At Slower Pace

BrightEdge SocialShare July 2012 sheds light on social media adoption by Top 100 brands – 3 out of 4 brands are now on Google+; 6X the number of Google+ pages show up in SERPs.

How To Tweet What You Want, Because Content Matters

What’s in your Tweets?

The quality of Tweets, and not just the quantity, has a huge impact on social media marketing. Read this post for helpful tips on crafting Tweets that make a true difference. See how leading brands like Tiny Print and Feeding America derived solid results through the right Tweet content.

Search is becoming Social

BrightEdge at the Search Insider Summit 2012 : Twitter marketing

Our session at the Search Insider Summit about how our customers use Twitter to achieve real results.

Tiny Prints and Feeding America succeed with Twitter

Tiny Prints and Feeding America boost rank and traffic with Twitter

Learn how Tiny Prints and Feeding America used Twitter to improve rank and traffic. Read this post for best practices including 4 simple steps to improve ROI from Twitter.