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Our 4 Favorite BrightEdge Posts on Search and Social in 2014

The head of a new year is a great time for reflection, and we wanted to gather our favorite posts written in 2014 on how social media and SEO work together to enhance digital marketing strategies. Our four favorite search and social posts from 2014 tackle everything from the buy-in stage to measurement, and we…


Dave Lloyd from Adobe – Keep learning, stay nimble at Share13


Share13 has hit new heights with over 500 senior level executives and practitioners offering attendees an opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders and interact with highly accomplished marketers and brands. Last week I managed to catch up, alongside my colleague Nag Patta, with Dave Lloyd from Abobe.


Share13: Jim Brigden, iProspect UK & US Market Challenges

jim brigden

      Jim Brigden from iProspect UK will be speaking at Share13 on the ‘Future of Search Panel’ alongside Dave Tan from Google and Eric Papczun from Perfomics US. In this post Jim shares a unique view on the the common challenges search marketers face on both sides of the Atlantic.   Jim Brigden…


Interview: Jim Yu on ‘Google Spam’ and social search

There has been a ton of noise in the last few weeks in search industry outlets, tech blogs and mainstream media about ‘Search Engine Spam’ harming Google’s credibility as a pure search engine and its results becoming a so-called ‘marketing jungle.’  While there’s no question that the sophistication of web spammers has created new challenges,…