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BrightEdge Customer Column – Who Are My Real Search Competitors?

BrightEdge Customer and SEO expert Beth Corneglio from top agency digitalrelevance™ walks us through live examples on deconstructing competitor strategies and tactics to outperform competition.

BrightEdge Share of Voice - Rosetta Study on Google Penguin Impact

Google Penguin update and its impact on SEO

Thought-leadership article from leading interactive marketing agency, Rosetta, describes the impact of Google Penguin update based on BrightEdge S3 data. The study analyzes multiple variables to isolate the impact of Penguin including rank performance, back link profile, URL structures, competitive analysis and more.

BrightEdge Share of Voice for www.brightedge.com

Win in SEO with our patented BrightEdge Share of Voice

Win in SEO with our patented BrightEdge Share of Voice. Big news at BrightEdge last week – we were issued our first patent by the United States Patent Office for our immensely popular SEO competitive intelligence technology. The patent is called “Operationalizing Search Engine Optimization” and grants BrightEdge the ability to use its unique method for measuring Share of Voice in search engine rankings.