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How Many SEO Keywords Should I Target? A New BrightEdge Webinar

“How many SEO keywords should I target?” is a common question SEOs and marketing departments consider as they try to maximize business results and ROI. For most companies, SEO has the highest ROI of any of the channels, and that is a fact that continues to grow as search gets better at understanding what the…


5 Common SEO Pitfalls and How to Fix Them

It’s clear that SEO can bring additional traffic and revenue to a website, but with constant algorithm updates and changes from Google—like Penguin, Panda, and the infrastructure update, Hummingbird—it can be difficult to know how to prioritize your SEO plan. In this post, I’ll talk about five of the most common obstacles in having a…


Dave Lloyd from Adobe – Keep learning, stay nimble at Share13

Share13 has hit new heights with over 500 senior level executives and practitioners offering attendees an opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders and interact with highly accomplished marketers and brands. Last week I managed to catch up, alongside my colleague Nag Patta, with Dave Lloyd from Abobe.


Share13: Jim Brigden, iProspect UK & US Market Challenges

      Jim Brigden from iProspect UK will be speaking at Share13 on the ‘Future of Search Panel’ alongside Dave Tan from Google and Eric Papczun from Perfomics US. In this post Jim shares a unique view on the the common challenges search marketers face on both sides of the Atlantic.   Jim Brigden…


SEO is like the Olympics – BrightEdge Blended Rank

Like the Olympics, SEO and SERPs have evolved constantly. SERPs now feature more image, video, social & local results in SERPs, along with text-based results. See how BrightEdge Blended Rank arms marketers to achieve greater SEO results by tracking true blended rank and providing insight into competitive intel, influence of social media and impact on web analytics based on blended rank.


Google Penguin update and its impact on SEO

Thought-leadership article from leading interactive marketing agency, Rosetta, describes the impact of Google Penguin update based on BrightEdge S3 data. The study analyzes multiple variables to isolate the impact of Penguin including rank performance, back link profile, URL structures, competitive analysis and more.


Assessing the impact of Google Secure Search

Firefox recently announced that users who search using Firefox’s built-in features, such as its search box, will also have their searches done using a secure connection. Secure search is poised to affect an even greater number of searches and we thought this is a good time to follow up on our previous post on Google secure search


What is Google Secure Search?

On Tuesday October 18, 2011, Google announced that users logged into Google would see their organic queries default to HTTPS (Secure HTTP) instead of HTTP. This is described by Google as an enhancement to protect the privacy of users. Paid search is not impacted at this time. Overall Impact This change will reduce visibility into…


Google’s Makes ‘White Hat’ SEO Critical, Again

When a number of articles appeared on leading tech blogs over the last few weeks criticizing prevalent ‘Google Spam,’ it was inevitable that Google would respond quickly and forcefully.    Google’s Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, wrote last week on Googleblog that his team was targeting ‘content farms’ and later acknowledged an algorithm change on his…


Interview: Jim Yu on ‘Google Spam’ and social search

There has been a ton of noise in the last few weeks in search industry outlets, tech blogs and mainstream media about ‘Search Engine Spam’ harming Google’s credibility as a pure search engine and its results becoming a so-called ‘marketing jungle.’  While there’s no question that the sophistication of web spammers has created new challenges,…