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Delivering Insights to Win New Clients

Did You Know… That the BrightEdge platform can give you detailed information about prospective clients without access to their site analytics or Webmaster tools accounts? BrightEdge can help you to beat the competition and win new business opportunities with little upfront setup. Talk with your agency CSM for more ideas on driving BD insights for…


Winning on the Content Battleground – Announcing BrightEdge Content Optimizer

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Content Optimizer 3.0 which integrates with Adobe Experience Manager. As clear leaders in the market BrightEdge has designed this product specifically with our customer feedback in mind to address the challenges they face on the increasingly competitive content battlefield. Content Optimizer 3.0 provides an in-depth snapshot of your…


Understanding Share of Voice In Digital Markets

To get a truly competitive edge as a digital marketer or advertiser, it’s important to understand and use the concept of share of voice. Simply stated, share of voice is about how much of the pie you’re getting; what percentage of the digital space is yours? How much of all online content and conversations is…


Turn SEO Into Your Own Amazing Race

Winning in SEO is much like winning the Amazing Race when it comes to analyzing competition. See how the patented technology BrightEdge SEO X-Ray helps you outrank competition.


Win in SEO with our patented BrightEdge Share of Voice

Win in SEO with our patented BrightEdge Share of Voice. Big news at BrightEdge last week – we were issued our first patent by the United States Patent Office for our immensely popular SEO competitive intelligence technology. The patent is called “Operationalizing Search Engine Optimization” and grants BrightEdge the ability to use its unique method for measuring Share of Voice in search engine rankings.