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What Is Blended Rank and How to Improve Exposure

As Google has improved its ability to understand user’s search queries and index a variety of types of content, search results have become increasingly complex. It is no longer a simple question of determining where one’s website falls in an organic text-based search. Now sites have to contend with a wide range of different SERPs,…


Blended Rank: Your True Rank for All Types of Search Results

Back in May of 2007, a sea change swept the search engine world with Google’s introduction of Universal Search. No longer were search results displayed only in text format; now, other types of search-relevant content including images, news, social, videos, blog posts and local listings would be blended together on the same search page. Soon…


SEO is like the Olympics – BrightEdge Blended Rank

Like the Olympics, SEO and SERPs have evolved constantly. SERPs now feature more image, video, social & local results in SERPs, along with text-based results. See how BrightEdge Blended Rank arms marketers to achieve greater SEO results by tracking true blended rank and providing insight into competitive intel, influence of social media and impact on web analytics based on blended rank.