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Redford Sherman

Robert Redford, Richard Sherman, Adobe & BrightEdge

What do actor Robert Redford and Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman have in common? Give up? They’re going to Adobe Summit 2014 between March 24 and 28 in beautiful Salt Lake City and so are we! Adobe Summit is one our … Read more Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 28 February, 2014

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BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 21 February, 2014

Check out these 6 stories from the marketing world this week! You won't want to miss these headlines. Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who says elementary school students should be the only ones to have fun distributing Valentine’s Day cards? At BrightEdge, we wanted to show our affection with a Valentine’s Day Infographic that highlights the Top 20 Innovations we’ve delivered to our … Read more Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 14 February, 2014

We know it's Valentine's Day, but don't let that distract you from getting your fix of SEO love! Check out our weekly news digest for all your SEO headlines. Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 7 February, 2014

Don't let all the Olympics excitement keep you from getting your marketing news fix! We've got a quick round-up of the top 5 articles in the industry this week. Check these out, and then get back to figure skating. Read more
Bloomberg Terminal

What SEOs Can Learn from Bloomberg

What's the connection between financial information powerhouse Bloomberg and SEO? SEOs looking for answers in a secure search world can learn a lot from Bloomberg! Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 31 January, 2014

Catch up on the latest and greatest in SEO this week with our favorite articles dealing with pressing topics in the industry. Read more
BrightEdge ROI Release

The BrightEdge ROI Release Is Live!

We’re committed to helping our clients succeed in SEO and Content Marketing, and are excited to kickoff 2014 with our first release this year, the ROI Release! Read more
New World of Secure Search

Yahoo and Bing Secure Search – What It Means For Marketers

Yahoo switched to Secure Search this week. CEO Jim Yu explains its impact and how BrightEdge customers are already setup for success in a Secure Search World! Read more