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Ignite Your SEO Success Release


 Since 2007, BrightEdge has been dedicated to the SEO community by helping our customers stay ahead of the changing search landscape. Over the past seven years we’ve seen SEO evolve with algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, the change to Secure Search, and a shift from keyword to content centric SEO. We’ve been…


Talking to Your CMO About SEO


At BrightEdge our top value is customer success. Since our inception in 2007, we have dedicated ourselves to the SEO community by developing the most innovative SEO technology that increases visibility, uncovers competitive insights, and elevates SEO to a C-level imperative. Our customers have been able to successfully demonstrate SEO is the predominant digital channel…


The Search Marketer Survey Results Are In!


The BrightEdge 2014 Search Marketer Survey report is here! This year, we surveyed SEO practitioners from 8,500+ global brands in December 2013 and January 2014 to compile research in the areas of content and content budgets; rank and ranking variables; data integration and technology providers; and much more. We’ve compiled a few of the highlights…


Your Best Partner for Enterprise SEO Release

brightedge data cube

How cool would it be to tap into a huge data repository and perform on-demand research – just like you would in a regular search engine? Wouldn’t it be great, to gain actionable insights to guide your content marketing plan based on the keywords and topics that drive traffic and conversions? You got it. For…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who says elementary school students should be the only ones to have fun distributing Valentine’s Day cards? At BrightEdge, we wanted to show our affection with a Valentine’s Day Infographic that highlights the Top 20 Innovations we’ve delivered to our customers in the past 12 months! At BrightEdge, our top value is customer success, and…


Google Hummingbird, Content and The Who?

The Who’s iconic ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ holds an unintentional reminder for SEOs trying to grasp organic search and content in the age of Google Hummingbird. Forward to 7:52 of the song to figure it out or simply read this post!


BrightEdge Customers Are Ready For Secure Search, Today!

Google has made secure search the universal default. Site analytics will no longer provide user search query data to correlate keywords with site visits and conversions. See how BrightEdge customers are uniquely positioned to win with secure search.


Our Biggest Release of the Year – Share13

BrightEdge Share13 Logo

Share13, the industry’s premier digital marketing event, is here and we are excited to announce that the BrightEdge Share13 Release is live! Customer success is our core value, and in this release we address two of the biggest shifts in marketing – the rise of mobile and increasing focus on ROI. Read on to learn about what’s in this exciting release!