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BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 11 April, 2014

Don’t miss the latest news in the SEO and content marketing landscapes! Here’s our weekly roundup.


BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 7 April, 2014

Start your week off on the right foot with our weekly news roundup! Here are our picks for the most compelling stories of the week.

brightedge data cube

Your Best Partner for Enterprise SEO Release

How cool would it be to tap into a huge data repository and perform on-demand research – just like you would in a regular search engine? Wouldn’t it be great, to gain actionable insights to guide your content marketing plan … Read more

Brad Smith, DigitalRelevance

BrightEdge Customer Column – 7 Powerful Ways DigitalRelevance Increased Rackspace Traffic With BrightEdge

Over the past year, DigitalRelevance has utilized the BrightEdge platform to help Rackspace execute a strategy that focuses on user experience. Fortunately, the BrightEdge platform allows any marketer to scale efforts from just a few to thousands of keywords. In the case of Rackspace, DigitalRelevance focused on improving natural search traffic for a great number of keywords. We used the associated keyword data to test, measure, optimize and refine specific campaigns related to Rackspace and achieve massive traffic gains.


Alan Osetek & Resolution Media at Share13 – The Best Brands Aim High

BrightEdge are proud have Resolution Media as a premium sponsor at Share13. As part of the Share13 blog series we had the chance to catch up briefly with Alan Osetek, President of Resolution Media as he prepares for his panel … Read more


Dave Lloyd from Adobe – Keep learning, stay nimble at Share13

Share13 has hit new heights with over 500 senior level executives and practitioners offering attendees an opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders and interact with highly accomplished marketers and brands. Last week I managed to catch up, alongside my colleague Nag Patta, with Dave Lloyd from Abobe.

BrightEdge Professional Certification

Introducing the BrightEdge Certification Program at Share13

  What do Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle have in common? A few things actually, they are all BrightEdge customers, technology leaders, and each offers industry reputed technical certifications. We’re taking a cue from these valued customers, and offering our … Read more

BrightEdge New UX

The BrightEdge Mid-Year Review – I

‘Tis that time of the year for reflecting on all that we achieved over the year. While that time of the year occurs at the year-end for most, we crank out stuff at such a frenetic pace that we have enough to talk about at the mid-year mark and so we shall. In this post (and the next), we’ll walk through the 10 greatest hits of 2013 that make a huge impact on our customers, in a positive way, of course!

Enhanced Keyword Management

The BrightEdge Summer Release Is Here!

The Times They Are a-Changin’ in search & we take it upon ourselves to help you navigate this change by doing what we do better than anyone else in our space – innovate. Our latest release, the BrightEdge Summer Release, helps you make the most out of our innovation with the Personalized Success Kit, Smart Help & more!

Mike Grehan | Mike Grehan | SEW & ClickZ Publisher, SES Producer, Incisive Media

Mike Grehan Talks SEO, Social & Connected Marketing

The rather versatile Mike Grehan from Search Engine Watch, ClickZ & SES enlightens us on SEO-Social convergence, authorship, writing & lessons from DJing!