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The Search Marketer Survey Results Are In!

The BrightEdge 2014 Search Marketer Survey report is here! This year, we surveyed SEO practitioners from 8,500+ global brands in December 2013 and January 2014 to compile research in the areas of content and content budgets; rank and ranking variables; … Read more


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who says elementary school students should be the only ones to have fun distributing Valentine’s Day cards? At BrightEdge, we wanted to show our affection with a Valentine’s Day Infographic that highlights the Top 20 Innovations we’ve delivered to our … Read more

BrightEdge Winter Release

Go Ahead, Peek Inside The BrightEdge Winter Release – Your Gifts for the Holidays!

BrightEdge’s Winter Release is here! Every 5 weeks we release innovative new SEO features to help you succeed in SEO. Transition to Content Centric SEO with Page Reporting.


BrightEdge Customer Column – Who Are My Real Search Competitors?

BrightEdge Customer and SEO expert Beth Corneglio from top agency digitalrelevance™ walks us through live examples on deconstructing competitor strategies and tactics to outperform competition.

BrightEdge July Release

BrightEdge July Release – Cool New Features For A Not-so-cool Summer!

We’re smack in the middle of summer, which for most means two things: heat and vacation. Back here at BrightEdge, though, we kept hard at work churning out cool new features to help you get more out of BrightEdge and make the most of your marketing efforts, even if in a hammock or on the road. The result is yet another power-packed feature – the BrightEdge July Release, live now.

BrightEdge Innovation 2012 - Year In Review

BrightEdge Innovation 2012 – Year In Review

As you’ve heard us say time and again, our core value is commitment to customer success. This value is reflected in everything we do including the SEO innovations that we deliver in our platform. In 2013, we will continue to roll out innovations that will increase your return from search and social. Before we get too far in to the year, we want to remind you of our greatest hits last year. Rest assured that 2013 will be even better!

Patented BrightEdge SEO Innovation

Turn SEO Into Your Own Amazing Race

Winning in SEO is much like winning the Amazing Race when it comes to analyzing competition. See how the patented technology BrightEdge SEO X-Ray helps you outrank competition.

SEO Is Like The Olympics - BrightEdge Blended Rank

SEO is like the Olympics – BrightEdge Blended Rank

Like the Olympics, SEO and SERPs have evolved constantly. SERPs now feature more image, video, social & local results in SERPs, along with text-based results. See how BrightEdge Blended Rank arms marketers to achieve greater SEO results by tracking true blended rank and providing insight into competitive intel, influence of social media and impact on web analytics based on blended rank.

BrightEdge Share of Voice for

Win in SEO with our patented BrightEdge Share of Voice

Win in SEO with our patented BrightEdge Share of Voice. Big news at BrightEdge last week – we were issued our first patent by the United States Patent Office for our immensely popular SEO competitive intelligence technology. The patent is called “Operationalizing Search Engine Optimization” and grants BrightEdge the ability to use its unique method for measuring Share of Voice in search engine rankings.


Tag Your SEO Events With Our Exciting New Feature!

We are constantly adding new features to BrightEdge, and I’m excited to announce that we have added the capability to flag events in your SEO reports very similar to Event Tracking in Google Analytics. You can now enter notes to … Read more