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Brad Smith, DigitalRelevance

BrightEdge Customer Column – 7 Powerful Ways DigitalRelevance Increased Rackspace Traffic With BrightEdge

Over the past year, DigitalRelevance has utilized the BrightEdge platform to help Rackspace execute a strategy that focuses on user experience. Fortunately, the BrightEdge platform allows any marketer to scale efforts from just a few to thousands of keywords. In the case of Rackspace, DigitalRelevance focused on improving natural search traffic for a great number of keywords. We used the associated keyword data to test, measure, optimize and refine specific campaigns related to Rackspace and achieve massive traffic gains.

Marriott Logo

Driving Global SEO For Leading Hotel Brands Like Marriott

SEO helps hotels drive direct site traffic & grow global online bookings profitably. See top hotel brands like Marriott succeed in Global SEO with BrightEdge.

Dave Lloyd, Global SEO Manager At Adobe

Powering SEO For The Digital Marketing Technology Leader

The leading digital marketing technology company succeeds in SEO with BrightEdge. Its leading digital marketing platform integrates with ours to drive cross-channel ROI. Read on to learn more.

It's as easy as this - all in one spot with brightedge.

BrightEdge Customer Column – How I Grew Traffic 4x & More With Simple SEO Tactics!

Kevin Hill,VP of IT and eCommerce, and BrightEdge customer shows how he achieved 4x traffic using ‘old-fashioned’ SEO techniques

How To Tweet What You Want, Because Content Matters

What’s in your Tweets?

The quality of Tweets, and not just the quantity, has a huge impact on social media marketing. Read this post for helpful tips on crafting Tweets that make a true difference. See how leading brands like Tiny Print and Feeding America derived solid results through the right Tweet content.

Search is becoming Social

BrightEdge at the Search Insider Summit 2012 : Twitter marketing

Our session at the Search Insider Summit about how our customers use Twitter to achieve real results.

Tiny Prints and Feeding America succeed with Twitter

Tiny Prints and Feeding America boost rank and traffic with Twitter

Learn how Tiny Prints and Feeding America used Twitter to improve rank and traffic. Read this post for best practices including 4 simple steps to improve ROI from Twitter.